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A blog for any fan of Mistress on HPFF. Will detail story previews, entries from characters, pictures, chapter images, and whatever else I can think of.

Chapter 6 of The Keeper’s Daughter is up on HPFF! Enjoy! 

Chapter 6 of The Keeper’s Daughter is up on HPFF! Enjoy! 

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I hate when guys are like “oh you’re not one of those girls that’s going to order a salad for dinner are you?” MAYBE I AM. MAYBE I FUCKING LIKE SALADS. HAVE YOU EVEN TASTED RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE. 

Who is Freddie in Hormones most like - George or Angelina?

That’s a difficult question, just because he is so much like both of them. 

Freddie gets his unwavering stubbornness and his attitude about right vs wrong from his father. He also gets his imagination and creativity from him.

However, he gets his eternal kindness and sentiment from his mother. His need to put other people before himself also comes from her. 

If I had to pick, I’d say he’s a little closer to George, but it’s a tight race. 

Thanks for the question! 

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Arthur Depins

What you might think is not good or moving enough, there’s always others out there who will be greatly moved by your work.



Arthur Depins

What you might think is not good or moving enough, there’s always others out there who will be greatly moved by your work.

"A writer is a world trapped in a person."

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AHHH chapter 4 of The Keeper’s Daughter is in the queue! 

AHHH chapter 4 of The Keeper’s Daughter is in the queue! 

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I haven't had time to read your Rose/ Scorpius piece but I would like to say that I love everything that I've read of yours so I cannot wait to see where your existing works go! (Especially Hormones and the Keeper's Daughter, in the mean time I'm probably going to reread Hide and Seek to help me cope with my summer course.)

Aww, thank you so much! You’re really so sweet. Sometimes I have days where I feel on top of the world with writing. Other days I reread everything and think, “How could I write like this? ABSOLUTE TRASH.” Or something similar.

So it’s really nice to hear what people think. It helps, I think. I really do appreciate it. It puts me back in a state of mind that is solid and I strive in.

I hope you enjoy 30 Days when you get around to reading it. It’s MUCH fluffier than my other stories, but even I have been accused of ignoring fluff as I wrote it because I can never steer too far from emotional drama. I wrote that entire story in about 30 days, so it’s fun that it turned out that way.

Hormones has become my baby. Which is funny to say. I’ve written so far into it that I’m writing the last chapter right now. I stopped, though, because I want to reread the entire story before I finish it. But if things stay their course, chapter 43 will be the last. 

Thank you so much for reading. It really means a lot to me :) 

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After reading the latest chapter of Hormones, my dislike for Parise rose to levels I didn't know I could have for a fictional character. I have a sinking feeling that it was Annie and/or Ollie that insulted Ryan, which would make me really disappointed in Ollie's recent decisions if she was involved.

Hi there! Thank you SO much for reading! 

Parise is like 10 kinds of asshole. He has let his entire world be about something he wants so desperately he is willing to ruin other people to get it. And that’s not how the world works. At least not with people like Fred Weasley to put a stop to it. 

I think I try to say a lot of things with this story, but most importantly I want to show that people can change. People can be right and they can be wrong. But the right person will change when they find out that they’re wrong. Some people just won’t. 




At least it’s thorough though!

This is gold. 

Will Hormones have a sequel?

I don’t think so, no. I’ve been writing like crazy and I’m pretty sure right around 43 will be the final chapter. Everything gets tied up pretty nicely, so I don’t think there will be a sequel to this one. 

I’m kind of shitty at sequels anyway. Maybe it’s a good thing ;) 

Preview: Chapter 16 of Decoding the Tutshill Tornados

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“Falcon Cat. Shut it. It’s not even morning yet.”

“It is morning,” Freddie said from the doorway. I didn’t ask why he was in the doorway as I woke up. “And that’s not Falcon Cat.”

“Are you making cat noises again? I told you that wasn’t going to get you a promotion at the shelter. I also told you there are no promotions because you aren’t being paid.”

Fred huffed. “It’s coming from outside. Maybe it’s the mysterious TomCat you’ve grown so fond of.”

I leapt out of bed. “It better not be!” I said, rushing to the window in naught but my boxers. This matter was important. “Where’s Falcon Cat?”

“Currently throwing down her hair,” Freddie muttered. “Did you want toast with your rage?”

“Put a sock in it.” I threw back the curtains and had a pretty good look at the side yard. There was a tree, but leaves were masking its branches. Stupid summer. “I don’t see a cat.” There it was again. The meow. “HE’S TESTING MY PATIENCE.”

Bink told me to shut up through the wall.

I yelled back and asked if Rose was in there.

Rose said hi through the wall and then told Freddie to make her toast.

I rolled my eyes. “This is a serious matter,” I said, grabbing some rain boots (closest shoes) and heading for the door. I was going to find that cat. Falcon Cat was my cat and she didn’t need her mind on some demon TomCat with no way to support the two of them.

“You’re in your underwear,” Freddie said, but I was already down the stairs and outside.

I rounded the garage and hurried under the big tree. Freddie was watching from the window.

“TomCat?” I called. “Where are you? Show yourself, coward!”

No cat. But there was another meow. This was getting absurd.


I blinked. For a moment, I carefully took inventory of what I wore. Plaid rain boots. Plaid boxers (different color combination). That was it. And I could have used more of a tan.

Behind me, in an unfortunate turn of events, was Nia Baker. She was fully clothed and looked a little different even though it had been only a couple weeks since I’d seen her at graduation. She looked good. Cut her hair. Got some of those highlights. Dark crap around her eyes. But she looked happy in the way that people do before they say anything.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” I said. I looked up. Bink and Rose had joined Freddie at the window. They were all eating toast.

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Hi, I'm the one who made that fic rec list. I didn't realize you left a comment on it & that you're the author of '30 Days of You and Me'!! I really love that fic, it's such a sweet summer love story. While I wish I knew what would happen to Scorpius & his disease, some things are best left ambiguous & I think the story ended on a really hopeful note. Thanks for writing it!! <3

Aw, thank you! I was very excited to find that list and was very flattered. 

I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. I set out to write a fluffy summer story and never imagined it would morph into what it did. It was a lot of fun to write and I am pretty happy I sort of left the ending up to the readers.

But as I said, I will always imagine it as a happy ending. So there’s that if you need closure :) 

Thank YOU for reading it!! 


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Any idea when the next chap of Hormones will be up? (:

It was put in the queue yesterday, and right now the queue is at 4 days. So you can follow along with the queue if it changes… if it holds, probably Wednesday/Thursday/Friday unless shit gets real and the queue drops dramatically.

I hope you like it!! I had a lot of fun writing this chapter.

One of my favorite reviews … ever. thanks, HPsmartone32

AAANNND in the third chapter, god/mistress created the Al/Gee shippers. she looked at her work.

and it was good.